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Blendid is the autonomous robotic-kiosk company helping restaurant brands serve accessible and affordable food 24/7. 

As a tech startup, we’re currently raising capital to fund our growth. Traditionally, the opportunity to invest in a startup like Blendid has been limited to accredited investors or venture capital funds. Now, this unique opportunity is also open to unaccredited investors. In other words, everyone can invest in Blendid for a limited time.

And we’re pretty excited about the future. 

The $300B quick-service restaurant industry has a big problem. There is a growing, untapped demand for food on the go, but traditional restaurants are too big and costly to meet it. 

Blendid gives restaurants a more profitable way to expand into lucrative high-traffic areas like airports, colleges, malls, and more. 

Major brands like Jamba are already using Blendid kiosks to expand their reach, so you’ll find our smoothie kiosks in retail outlets like Walmart and on college campuses like UCLA.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We have 500+ robotic kiosks under contract for expansion nationwide, and there are an additional 70,000+ high-traffic areas we can target. We're working on broadening our technology to serve new cuisines, like salads and sandwiches, opening up even more expansion potential.

If that has your attention, then you’re on the right page. We’re answering some frequently asked questions about our company and the investment opportunity below.

How much does it cost to invest in Blendid?

The minimum investment in Blendid is $999. Shares of Blendid stock cost $2.22 per share. Anyone can invest in Blendid during this round. You do not have to be an accredited investor or part of a financial institution. 

What is Blendid?

Blendid is the startup making robotic smoothie kiosks that make fun, customizable smoothies while raising profit margins and reach for restaurant and food service brands. 

Our patented technology completely automates the smoothie-making process for a totally contactless experience. Consumers can order on their phone or at the kiosk using ordering tablets. Our technology not only lets consumers customize their smoothies, but our AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine can learn their preferences and make customizations for them. 

Once ordered, our robot goes into action. From gathering the ingredients to blending the smoothie to pouring and serving, the process is 100% automated. That means 24/7 operation and lower costs for restaurant brands and food service operators using our technology. 

What is the connection between Jamba and Blendid?

Focus Brands, the parent company of Jamba, has made a strategic investment in Blendid to nationally scale Jamba by Blendid kiosks. You’ll see Jamba-branded kiosks popping up all over the country. Most recently, we opened up shop at a Love’s Travel Stop and at UCLA.

What are some other Blendid locations?

You can find Blendid kiosks making smoothies at Walmart locations in California, a Love’s Travel Stop, UCLA, Georgia College, Kennesaw State University and more locations coming soon. Blendid has 500+ kiosks under contract already. 

Are there any Blendid reviews?

Yes! Check out our Yelp reviews from one of our Walmart locations. This is a favorite: “Yummy smoothies and good prices. It's fun to watch the robot as well. Good value and no line.”

Is Blendid a good investment?

We certainly think so, investing before we scale rapidly will mean getting in at the right time, but check out what others are saying in publications like Entrepreneur.

“That's why investors should really take notice sooner than later. Blendid has identified as many as 70,000 potential U.S.-based locations that could be a good fit for its fresh food kiosks in the future. With the low cost of scaling, it can reach new heights faster than most other food brands. It's not a stretch to say that Blendid could define the future of healthy, convenient dining.”

How do I invest in Blendid?

It’s easy. Just click the Invest Now button on your screen. That will take you to our DealMaker portal where you can enter the amount you’d like to invest and fund your investment. Once your investment is funded, you’re officially a shareholder of Blendid. 

Is there a Blendid stock symbol?

No, not yet. Right now, Blendid is still a private company and there is no secondary market for shares of Blendid. In the event of an IPO or public listing, a Blendid stock ticker will be created. For now, Blendid is raising money to grow its business.

When is the Blendid IPO?

Our eventual goal is an exit like an IPO. But we’re focusing on growing our business before we get to that.

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