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Our Business Model

We sell our robotic kiosks to large brands looking to expand their reach and increase their profit margins.

Blendid Highlights

  • Located in big box retail stores, college campuses and shopping malls.

  • Working with global brands, such as Jamba, Walmart, and Sodexo to bring Blendid to thousands of locations including hospitals, airports, stadiums, grocery stores, and colleges.

  • 500+ robotic smoothie kiosks in contract (contingent upon meeting certain performance goals).

  • Strategic investment from Focus Brands, the parent company of Jamba to nationally scale Jamba by Blendid kiosks. Backed by marquee investors including BGV, Partech and Plug & Play.

The people have spoken

More and more people are looking for fresh food on the go today. 46% of consumers want to eat healthier this year, the top-ranked lifestyle change. But vending machines, fast food, or expensive delivery are often the only options. We’re changing that.

Lower Costs, Bigger Profits

Our automated kiosks help brands meet the demand for fresh food on the go. Our kiosks can fit just about anywhere, work 24/7, and cut costs to deliver higher profit margins than brick and mortar restaurants.

Blendid Delivers Higher Profit Margins

Quick service restaurant margins average a slim 6%
Quick Service Restaurant
Our Model Is a Win-Win

We make money by helping businesses make money. By cutting down on costs and delivering the experience consumers are demanding, businesses can grow their profits. 

How We Make Money

Our clients buy the kiosk from us, then pay an ongoing service fee. This is cheaper than opening a brick & mortar store and locks in ongoing revenue for us.

Kiosks cost $100,000 to $125,000 each
Our service fee is 16% to 22%
We ensure the kiosk is working well, provide remote customer service and coach our operators

How Investors Like You Help

We have 500+ contracts under our belt already, but we’re not even close to being content. Investors are helping us reach our full potential.

A bigger sales & marketing team can push us into the 70,000 high-traffic locations we’ve pinpointed
Our R&D department is exploring development of new cuisine options to our kiosks, giving us even more potential
We’re scaling manufacturing to fulfill our existing contracts

We’re Developing Technology for Even More Fresh Cuisines

The Future of Fresh Food

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