We're Meeting The Demand For Fresh Food

Consumers are demanding fresh food options in more convenient locations. Blendid has the answer. Our automated robotic kiosks can go anywhere and are already whipping up fresh smoothies for brands like Jamba. We’re planning to add soups, salads, sandwiches, and bowl-making capabilities soon too. Help us revolutionize robotic food automation by investing today.

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Minimum Investment

Quick service restaurant margins average a slim 6%2

Lower Costs, Bigger Profits, Happier Customers

Eating fresh food while on the move is hard because good options are either not available or very expensive. And businesses are struggling to deliver due to rising worker shortages, slim profit margins, and high overhead costs.

French Fries
Healthy Bowl

How We Solve A
Growing Problem

Blendid is on a mission to make freshly prepared food more accessible.  Our food automation platform leverages robotics, AI, and a proprietary operating system (foodOS™) to solve the industry’s biggest challenges for both food service operators & consumers.

24/7 autonomous operation
Order in advance from your phone
Makes fresh food accessible
Fully customizable to your unique preferences
Potential locations (US alone)
Serviceable Market
Military Bases
Amusement Parks
Shopping Malls
* serviceable market expands with additional products to automate new cuisines

We’ve Identified 70,000 High-Traffic Locations Perfect For Blendid’s Automated Food Kiosks

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We Hit The Market’s Sweet Spot

By merging culinary artistry and robotic expertise, Blendid is on track to completely transform the market.

$4 Billion3

Food Robotics Market
Projected 13.1% Growth By 2026

$300+ Billion4

Quick Service Restaurant Market

Our Business Model


Blendid's robotic kiosks are sold to large retail operators with extensive food management experience and established customer bases.


Kiosks cost $100-$125K each plus a 16-22% service fee*, which is very low compared to traditional brick and mortar restaurant setup costs.

*The service fee covers maintenance and break-fix of the kiosk, ongoing monitoring and support, and licensing of our foodOSTM and RMSTM (Restaurant Management System) software systems, along with R&D support for new ingredients and recipes. Specific kiosk cost and service fees are determined based on standardized contract term options.

Our First Product: Smoothies

When we created the Blendid robot, we decided to start with smoothies because they’re both in high demand and require complex recipes. This winning combination allowed us to both solve a problem and provide outstanding results.

Blendid Locations

Gearing Up For
Bigger Things

Now that we have mastered a complex automation process to create the perfect smoothie, we’re optimizing our technology to create other popular cuisines including soups, salads, sandwiches, bowls, and more. This will massively expand our total addressable market.

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15% bonus shares
for investment of $25,000+
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Investor Perks

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Bonus shares are available at the following investment levels:
Tier 1

Invest $25,000 to $49,999

  • 5% bonus shares
Tier 2

Invest $50,000+

  • 10% bonus shares
This perk will not stack with other share perks.

In addition to the share perks, investors at the following tiers will receive:

Prior Blendid Investors

If you previously invested in one of our RegCF crowdfunding campaigns in 2020-2021 on either MicroVentures or StartEngine, you will receive a 5% bonus in shares in this campaign.

To be eligible, you must use the same email address that you used in the prior campaign.
This perk will not stack with other share perks.

Blendid’s Technology

Three proprietary and patented systems


Allows chefs to create new recipes using an AI-assisted engine to guide them while dynamically computing nutritional profile of those recipes.


Uses AI and machine learning algorithms to self-configure, calibrate, multitask and error recover while delivering consistent recipe every time.

Restaurant Management System™

A full suite of cloud-based software system to allow operators to provision, monitor and manage all their kiosks without needing any staffing at the kiosks.


Allows chefs to create new recipes using an AI-assisted engine to guide them while dynamically computing the nutritional profile of those recipes.


Uses AI and machine learning algorithms to self-configure, calibrate, multitask and error recover while delivering a consistent recipe every time.

Restaurant Management System®

A full suite of cloud-based software systems to allow operators to provision, monitor, and manage all their kiosks without needing any staffing at the kiosks.

Seamless User Interface

Consumers simply order on the Blendid app (iOS and Android) or ordering tablet, choose the item they want, and customize it to their taste and nutrition preferences. Then our robot efficiently and precisely prepares their order for pickup.

Since Last Raise

Location Expansion
Expanded outside of California to Georgia
New Kiosks
Opened two new Jamba by Blendid kiosks locations - at Kennesaw State University and Georgia College
IP Protection
We now have 13 granted and in-process patents
New Operating Contract
Signed contract with new food service operating partner, Sodexo, and opened first site with them at Georgia College
We also have contracts signed with two additional operators and plans to open additional Blendid locations! Look out for announcements coming soon!

Use of Funds

Field Operations
Product Enhancement
New Cuisines
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Recent Press

Investor Highlights

Located in big box retail stores, college campuses, and shopping malls.
Strategic investment from Focus Brands, the parent company of Jamba to nationally scale Jamba by Blendid kiosks.
Backed by additional noteworthy investors, including BGV, Partech Ventures, and Plug and Play.
500+ robotic smoothie kiosks in contract (contingent upon meeting certain performance goals).
Working with global brands, such as Jamba, Walmart, and Sodexo to bring Blendid to hundreds of locations including hospitals, airports, stadiums, grocery stores, and colleges.

Blendid Works in Collaboration With

The food automation movement is on the rise and Blendid is standing on the front lines.

Join us on our journey to 70,000 locations.
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On a Mission to Make Healthy Eating Accessible Through Automation

Blendid is transforming how and what we eat, one robotic kiosk at a time.

Many of us strive to eat healthier, especially when on-the-go, but getting access to food that fits our unique health needs and our individual taste preferences is hard.

  • That’s why we created Blendid, an autonomous, robotic food kiosk that uses advanced technology – including robotics, machine vision, and artificial intelligence – to prepare and serve healthy and delicious food customized to your preferences.

Meet Our Team

Vipin Jain

Co-founder & CEO

Vipin Jain brings more than 28 years of experience in engineering, consumer product development, and successful serial entrepreneurship to the Blendid team. Prior to co-founding Blendid in 2015, Vipin was the CEO of Retrevo before it was acquired by Barnes & Noble. The eCommerce company was recognized by Time Magazine as the Best Shopping Website of 2011. Additionally, Vipin also co-founded Telseon, a metro broadband service provider that was acquired by OnFiber/Qwest Communications. Apart from heading successful startups, Vipin served in a variety of leadership roles at 3com, Extreme Networks, and Barnes & Noble Nook Media. His current goal and passion is to realize his dream with Blendid and use robotics & AI to revolutionize contactless food prep. Vipin holds a bachelor’s in electrical and electronics engineering and a master’s in physics from BITS Pilani, India.

Venki Ayalur

Co-founder & CTO

Venki Ayalur’s deep technology expertise spans a career of 25 years and involves being at the forefront of market-defining, innovative technologies. Prior to co-founding Blendid in 2015, Venki conceptualized and oversaw the creation of software and hardware products for companies such as Barnes & Noble Nook and Motorola Mobile. A few of his notable accomplishments are the color-based e-reader, the evolution of Motorola phones from StarTacs to Razrs to Android, and being awarded multiple patents in the machine learning and location discovery space. Venki holds a bachelor’s in engineering technology from BITS Pilani, India, a master’s in computer science from Northern Illinois University, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.

Vijay Dodd

Co-founder & VP, Engineering

With over 28 years of experience in hardware and software product life cycles under his belt, Vijay Dodd brings a wealth of knowledge and engineering leadership to the Blendid executive team. Prior to co-founding Blendid in 2015, Vijay’s career notably spanned AT&T, Palm, and Barnes & Noble Nook as he acquired his specialty in Industrial & Product Design and innovative ME materials. Vijay received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Bangalore University, a master’s in systems and controls technology from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay and a MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

Covahne Michaels

VP, Marketing

Covahne Michaels brings more than 20 years of marketing experience across consumer technology and food and across fortune 500 and startup organizations. Prior to joining Blendid, Covahne was the Head of eCommerce Marketing and Strategy for the J.M. Smucker Co, where she guided the migration from brick and mortar store sales to the transition to the online world across 36 brands. She also has extensive experience developing, launching and scaling food innovation products from Kraft, Del Monte, and J.M. Smucker.  She holds a bachelor’s in business administration from University of Colorado at Boulder and a MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

Richard O’Brien

VP, Retail Operations

Richard O’Brien brings over 25 years of experience in supply chain and operational excellence to Blendid’s executive team. Prior to joining Blendid, Richard served as the Director of Supply Chain Management at Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery and the Director of Purchasing for The Melt. His expertise lies in cost optimization across supply chains and building and managing strong supplier relationships. Richard received his bachelor’s degree in economics from UC Davis.

Kristen Rasmussen

Executive Chef & Nutritionist

Kristen is a culinary nutrition and food sustainability expert with passions that have led her many places – from implementing plant-forward, stem-to-root menu revamps at restaurants to teaching about and exploring food science at UC Berkeley and the Nordic Food Lab. She is an adjunct faculty member at UC Berkeley, past adjunct faculty at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, and owner of Rooted Food, Inc., a culinary nutrition and food sustainability consulting company. Being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, she enjoys attracting people to better eating through deliciousness and believes Blendid will serve that need through technology and customization. Kristen received her bachelor’s in Dietetics from UC Berkeley and master’s in Human Nutrition from Arizona State University.

Ram Nagarajan

VP, Business Operations

Ram Nagarajan brings more than 23 years of experience in technology, consumer products, and B2B services to Blendid. He’s launched numerous high profile consumer products for universally recognizable brands such as Nook, Samsung, Netflix, and DirecTV. His success in delivering critical, complex, and cross-functional programs from concept to market is what drives him to do the same at Blendid. Ram holds his bachelor’s and master’s in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Shirish Joshi

VP, Manufacturing Operations

Shirish Joshi has over 25 years of experience leading business improvements across retail, peripherals, networking, computing and telecommunications industries. He prides himself on his ability to develop strategic sourcing partnerships with OEM, ODM, and EMS companies globally while exercising his broad knowledge of KPI and metrics implementation. Shirish received his bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Pune, India and master’s in industrial engineering from the University of Rhode Island.

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